The following products are currently marketed by us they have been selected over time among those who were found to be the best, both in the quality / price ratio, both in popularity with the customers:

- Pasta, rice, flour

- Cold cuts, cheeses and dairy products

- Fresh meat and frozen

- Fresh and frozen fish products

- Fruit and vegetables (daily retreat to markets), frozen, preserved

- Oils and sauces

- Bakery products and confectionery

- Mineral water, soft drinks

- Spirits


under the regular control of HACCP, monitoring authority of food hygiene.


- Cigarettes and other kinds of bonded stores

- Consumables, household Professional

- Articles for personal hygiene

- Detergents

- Items for duty-free shops


- For materials and technical articles, we are in daily contact with the most important Italian and  North           European suppliers  to deal for any request even from this side.