PROVVEDINAVI S.R.L. - Ship Supply – operates at  Ancona as from the date of its foundation (Year 1964) as Ship Suplier, cared by people of the same family, with generational know-how passing directly from parents to children.

The experiences on passenger ships, freighters, tankers, military, offshore, yachts etc., the catering supplies to local authorities / courts work, allow us to be able to meet with professionalism, quality and speed, requests for supply of all sizes.



The following products are currently marketed by us they have been selected over time among those who were found to be the best, both in the quality / price ratio, both in popularity with the customers:

- Pasta, rice, flour

- Cold cuts, cheeses and dairy products

- Fresh meat and frozen

- Fresh and frozen fish products

- Fruit and vegetables (daily retreat to markets), frozen, preserved

- Oils and sauces

- Bakery products and confectionery

- Mineral water, soft drinks

- Spirits


under the regular control of HACCP, monitoring authority of food hygiene.


- Cigarettes and other kinds of bonded stores

- Consumables, household Professional

- Articles for personal hygiene

- Detergents

- Items for duty-free shops


- For materials and technical articles, we are in daily contact with the most important Italian and North European suppliers  to deal for any request even from this side.


PROVVEDINAVI S.R.L. - Ship Supply has an internal Customs Forwarding Broker, managing directly the

Customs export bills and the operations via bonded warehouse, with domiciled customs procedur.

We even own:

- 5 cold storage facilities for the different temperatures necessary for the optimal maintenance of

  Various kind of foodstuffs.

- N. 3 refrigerated trucks  with compartments for different temperatures + n. 2 quick vans,

  n. 3 transportable thermal containers .


We serve our Customers in the following ports:

Trieste, Venezia, Chioggia, Ravenna,   ANCONA(our base) ,   Pescara, Ortona, Vasto Manfredonia,Barletta Bari, Brindisi,     Civitavecchia, Fiumicino.

For suitable quantities, we can deliver in other ports not mentioned, except those in the islands.